Mytholympics is a 2D couch co-op party game where players play as the forgotten Greek gods and goddesses competing for fame in a series of minigames. Before entering a minigame, players go through a round of team selection where they choose who to play with/against. Fame points are awarded to the team that wins a minigame, divided equally amongst the players on the winning team. The objective of the game is to get to the max amount of fame (points) first. Each minigame in Mytholympics has different mechanics and can support any team configuration.

This game is being developed by –
3 developers: Nathaniel Blair, Austin Willoughby and me; and
1 artist: Zhehui Qian

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Areas I worked on:

  • Designing and programming the metagame architecture along with scene loading and transitions.
  • Developing minigames, viz. Grappleball, Torpedo Trouble, etc., from scratch and hardening them by performing multiple iterations.
  • Developing Unity engine tools to help programmers and designers in debugging and testing minigames easily.
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