Echo Tactics

Echo Tactics is a 2D turn-based tactics game made by Nathaniel Blair, Jonathan Pulsipher, Rahul Madhyan and I.

Play it here!

A scientific experiment gone wrong has created rifts in space and time opening portals into another dimension. As the player, you control three different characters who are caught in this mess and help them escape this madness.

Every player unit has a specific movement and attack radius, and a unique ability. Each unit can move and attack/use an ability in each round. Selection is done using the mouse.

My contribution to the development of the game was –

  • Created a Game Manager which controls the turn-based flow of the game
  • Created the basic player unit
  • Created the basic portal prefab
  • Created the Void Hound enemy unit
  • Created the Tongue monster enemy unit
  • Added the highlighting of movement and attack tiles and also added a selected unit highlighting
  • Added the Grenade ability for the Scientist player unit
  • Added the Tongue ability for the Tongue monster enemy unit
  • Added the progression system in the game, i.e., after completing a level, only player units that are alive progress to the next level
  • Was responsible for fixing a decent amount of bugs